Friday, October 9, 2015

Meghan to Instagram about life as elitserien athlete

Meghan Sherman from Florida, USA, has played volleyball since she was eight years old and has played for three years in the Swedish Elitserien. She takes over Swedish volleyball's Instagram account on Monday.

"I am very excited to participate with the Swedish Volleyball Federation and spread a positive message for the sport of volleyball, says Meghan Sherman.
Reading "Volleyball Magazine", age 2

Coming from volleyball family

She started with volleyball early, growing up in a volleyball family with two active parents. Her mom was a coach at the collegiate-level for 16 years and then trained Sherman in high school, and accounted for a large part of her development during the first years.

Volleyball unites

After a professional season in Hungary, she had the opportunity to come to Sweden, where she spent the 2011/12 season at Ljungby VBK, who played in the Elitserien. Love for the sport brought her back to Sweden in winter 2013, and she now starts in her second season with Gislaved VK.

"Volleyball is my family, I have played volleyball in Austria, South Africa and Europe, and have met so many nice and good people through this sport. It does not matter where you come from, volleyball can bring people from all backgrounds together to achieve a common goal."

2011/12 season with Ljungby VBK (photo: Fredrik Skog)

Thrives in Sweden

She believes in the idea of ​​spreading the sport through social media, and is happy to contribute by taking over the Swedish Volleyball Federation's instagram next week.

"I hope that I can share with you how it is to be a volley-pro in Sweden. Gislaved is a small town with a big heart for volleyball in the club. I'm really happy here and with this club," says Meghan.

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