Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gislaved Wants to Surprise League-Favorite

GVK faces league-favorite in Halmstad. 

Can Gislaved surprise everyone?

Daniel Magnusson's GVK is not the favorite in tonight's away match against a strong Hylte/Halmstad.
But count on that Gislaved will fight to the end.

Hylte/Halmstad are big favorites in tonight's elitserien derby. "Almost all clubs hold them as favorites to win the gold," says Gislaved coach Daniel Magnusson.

GVK is focused on getting to play a lot of defense.

"If we can challenge Hylte/Halmstad with a good defense, then we'll be happy."

What will be the key to a good game from your side?

"We must dare to relax and like the challenge. We have to play fast, varied and give one-hundred percent effort from each individual."

Gislaved must be at their peak-performance in order to take down the leauge-favorite and the need to bring in a tough service pressure.

"Their strength lies in their experience, they have really good players at every position. They're used to winning and trust each other and their game."

It is expected that Hylte/Halmstad will control the game.

"But we will do our best and certainly fight to the last point."

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