Friday, January 22, 2016

Attacker problems facing must-win match

Gislaved deals with player problems.

Mathilda Carlsson (10) may be one option to use on the outside.

Ester de Vries is a big question mark when looking at the GVK lineup.

Ester de Vries missed the last game with the GVK after a mysterious injury.

And she has not yet returned.

"The problem with Ester persists so, at this moment, I do not know if she is fit to play in the upcoming game. She has not been in training at all this week. It is a big question mark," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

We have seen that Gislaved struggles with some problems in the chart. But Magnusson is still relatively quiet.

"We're looking at some alternative solutions on how to set it up. Ebba Ekblad will be in the elite squad and a possible alternative is Pauline Adolfsson. We tested Mathilda Carlsson on the outside in the final set against Br√łndby and it worked. There we can see another option. It is a bit puzzling, little thinking and a lot of different options."

Belief in the team, of course, is always there with GVK-coach.

"I trust our players 100%. We do not live or die with Ester, even if she has the most points. She would have been happy to be in top form on such a fun and important match."

Yes, the game. Sollentuna stands as the opposition. An equal opponent, when you look to the table. One who you have to beat to get a little better standing before the playoffs later in the spring.

"This match feels like a 50/50 match. Sollentuna has a pretty good upward curve and have gotten back two key players in a libero/outside, who started the season with Svedala, and opposite hitter Caroline Werner, who incidentally suddenly gone and become right-handed."

A familiar face can also show up in Gisle Sports Centre: Mikaela Larsson.

"She has played in just one set, but who knows, maybe she plays when they come to Gisle Hall. She has not been on their away games before, but maybe she will join because it is Gislaved."

Game-wise, if you want to go far.

"What we've been working on is to try to get our opponents further back in the court. To attack deeper. Moving them out from the net so they have to work hard to get the ball to an attacker."

"I expect a pretty long, time-consuming and energy-consuming match where I hope we can keep both our concentration and speed up. We should not be too eager and feel that we need to win fast and hard. Rather, try to fight every single ball and hope we get positions where we can go on to higher pace in attack."

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