Friday, January 29, 2016

Gislaved almost fully healthy

The sickness-wave has passed.
GVK can - almost - put a full team on the court against Svedala this Saturday.

Only Meghan Sherman remains as questionable as the team prepares for Svedala
The team's two liberos are back after their illnesses.

"Friday at the training we were all that could be there except Ida (Lindbäck) which is in Gothenburg and Meghan (Sherman) who is at home with a cold that starts to drop," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

Sherman will be testing the morning practice on Saturday to see if she is playable or not. In addition, Ester de Vries to be ready to attack again after her mysterious shoulder injury.

Finger's crossed the laser works

"She has even taken a few swings during the week. I hope that Per Martinsson (physiotherapist) can do a good job on the morning workout with massage and run some laser treatment. Can we get Ester to attack, we become a little more of a threat at the net. At the same time, we have seen Hanna (Salomäki) really stepping up for the team," he says.

Gislaved is to face Svedala at home. A team that is fourth in the table with three points behind first place and with the Americans Mo Simmons and Chelsey Bettinson, ranking second and third in the points league respectively.

But Daniel Magnusson is still full of confidence.

Want to surprise

"I expect a pretty fun game. I have a good feeling in my body. It feels like a game where we could play good volleyball, then we will see if it is enough. I would not be surprised if we can beat Svedala tomorrow, but we must be humble to the task. It is about playing tough against their two attacking stars."

"They have a setter and middle who played together in college, so their connection is unbelievable. When they are in the front row, we must be sharp and press their setter out from the net."

The team hopes to succeed in a way that they tried in Tuesday's match against Engelholm, despite the 0-3 loss.

"There are some elements of the game where we must attack the deep and serve deep that forces our opponent into giving the worst possible conditions to attack. We also need to continue develop and utilize tougher serves."

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