Monday, January 18, 2016

Star player mysteriously injured

Ester de Vries has suffered a mysterious injury in her shoulder.
The attacker was sidelined when the team met and lost to Brøndby VK in Denmark.

Ester de Vries did not come to play when Gislaved fell in Denmark

Top-scorer Ester de Vries missed Gislaved's Oresund League match.
With hours left, she was put out of action due to a shoulder detection.
"But there are many questions so far. Ester will be investigated thoroughly," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

Brondby-Gislaved VK 3-0 (25-12, 25-12, 25-22)
The Dutch attacker's problems were added a few days before the meeting with the Magnusson, Denmark's top team.

"She has not been injured in from collective team trainings, but what I know, Ester has had problems with her shoulder in the past, and when you feel that pain again, it is important that the whole thing is taken very seriously," says GVK-coach.

Will check carefully

"The club's physiotherapist Per Martinsson took the decision not to play Ester, and now we'll have her checked properly," continues Magnusson, who also had to keep a close eye on middle blocker Lisa Tannerfalk, who played with a sprained ankle tightly taped.

Without the hard-smashing 24-year-old De Vries, Gislaved had a hard time against the Danish team.

"We have a greater focus on doing well in the Elitserien and Brøndby is a smart team that can quickly add on tactics when they realized that Ester could not be with. Therefore, there was a lot of tough serves on the places where we were somewhat weakened," he said.

"Very satisfied"

"But I want to emphasize that I am very pleased and happy that the younger girls stepped in to these tough conditions. One of them was Pauline Adolfsson who probably thought she would keep up to Copenhagen and sit on the bench," says Magnusson.

After the loss was also some players remained in the Danish capital.

"Yes, they asked if they could go out and eat at night and I see no problem with it. Copenhagen is very nice this time of year and the girls deserve to enjoy themselves," says Daniel Magnusson, who returned to Sweden.

"Went smoothly"

"It went smoothly with the ferry between Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden), but of course took a little longer than usual because you now have to show identification."

Last week, told the newspaper that Värnamo VBA's Ebba Ekblad has been training with GVK.

"The clubs have begun a transition and we hope all the papers are ready in time so Ebba play with us this weekend when we face Sollentuna home," says Daniel Magnusson.

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