Monday, January 25, 2016

Trouble for GVK starters

Engelholm is anything but easy.
It is not made easier when seven GVK players are sick.

All who are sick, raise your hand.
Mathilda Carlsson has a cold and is hesitant to start. Jessika Lakatos is sick with the flu.
Hannah Salomäki is one of the few GVK players who are healthy.

Elitserien's top team - away from home - is not an easy match up.

Especially not with seven players sick.

"We must dig through our tool box to find a solution," Coach Daniel Magnusson says with a solid list of the ailments.

Just look here:

Libero Jessika Lakatos is sick.

Second libero Sofie Back is sick.

Reserve setter Elin Andersson is sick.

Middle blocker Emina Bosno is sick.

Ida Lindbäck is expected to recover Sunday's 24-hour stomach flu.

Setter Meghan Sherman and Mathilda Carlsson both suffering from a cold.

Then, we have Ester de Vries with a shoulder impingement.

Lina Johansson is still not cleared to play.

And Joyce Akerlund is away with work.

"I've never seen anything like it ever. If it is a type of flu, and we have been careful to keep the players away from training when they felt that they had a virus on in the body. We have focused on allowing players to rest, drink, and eat properly. But this can not be steered away. It is extremely unfortunate that so many people become sick at the same time."

Engelholm beat series leader Hylte/Halmstad 3-1 Sunday. And Gislaveds VK forced to scrape together enough players to compete.

How then will GVK be able to win over Engelholm?

"It is a huge challenge. We're asking the players to use all their energy towards the match and not do anything else. I trust those I put on the court. We have to play good defense. We'll go out and run and give each other energy. We see it as a pretty damn fun challenge."

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