Sunday, January 3, 2016

GVK looks to break their trend

Gislaved has not won in the Elite League since October.
Now, after the Christmas break, it may be time for a win again.
"I can understand if people think we're stupid to say it has gone well when we have not won," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

The team set high goals for the season.

One was reaching the Grand Prix. Something which the team has done in both 2012 and 2014 seasons.

And it started well. The first goal was met during pre-season when they won Knalle Cup for the first time in 18 years, followed by a win over Engelholm in a friendly match and continued into the start of the series well. Two wins in the opening three matches.

But then it went downhill. The results did not go the team's way and after the second victory, have yet to earn any more points.

Seven straight losses in the elitserien is a fact.

"You can not blame it. We ended up in a group with Engelholm, Hylte/Halmstad and Svedala. It's a tough group to meet in twice prior to the Grand Prix. Compared with Örebro, the fourth team to reach the GP, who has, on paper, an easier way towards the top of the league facing RIG Falköping, Sollentuna and even Lindesberg, all teams that are just above or below us by a few points. You can see it in different ways and talk about bad luck. But the fact is that they may actually three points against RIG and Sollentuna that we have no chance for. Even so, these are not things we can control."

But the losses have not taken much space in the team's mind. At least not according to Magnusson.

"It does not look like the girls are sad. Of course, they are disappointed in themselves and as a team that we have not succeeded what we could. But I would ask how many games we have lost, I would hear a bit different answers, I think. Some of the losses does not feel like losses. But we have a little patience, I think it can be good."

One positive thing for Gislaved this year is that all teams go to the playoffs. So no matter how many losses there will be, the team will ultimately be able still be in the fight for the SM-gold.

Lina Johansson is a positive addition that now, after a long injury absence, has started training again.

"She is back in training and should play some back row. It can make the girls get a little rejuvenated when they see how much she has worn."

The league had over two-week break in the matches, and it has done the most good for GVK, according to Magnusson.

"Hanna and Ester got to go home for Christmas and get some good feelings from spending time with their families. Ester looked really fresh in training this week so I hope we can build on it."

"We've talked quite a bit about setting out some new goals or if they are still feeling good about those set in preseason. I'll have to examine myself a bit too. I have wanted a bit too much and wanted to go a little too fast moving ahead without knowing that everyone is on board."

The first match of 2016 comes on Tuesday, meeting RIG Falköping away.

"We are continuing to get tougher. The team decided to train over the weekend while others play at the Grand Prix. We will still fight for it!"

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