Thursday, January 14, 2016

Talent to play in GVK

Ebba Ekblad may join GVK in 2016

Coach: "A diamond in the rough that can contribute directly"
As Emma Tegnhammar leaves the club, a replacement may be joining.

Emma Tenghammar goes on a long trip. Gislaved VK is already looking for a replacement. It may be Ebba Ekblad, 17, from Värnamo VBA. She has trained with GVK's elite squad recently.
"We've been watching her for a while - a diamond in the rough. She has a lot to learn, of course, but she has been committed to the trainings," coach Daniel Magnusson.

Värnamo's star outside hitter.

"There is no transition talk between clubs, but I have told the board that I am interested in a solution."

Transfer window closes 31/1.

Before that, the team will meet Brøndby on Saturday.

"It will be really fun to get to play there and get to meet a highly-skilled team. If they played in the Swedish league, they had been rated number one. Undoubtedly."

And they have improved since last time.

In the previous meeting, GVK squeezed out a five-set thriller in Gisle sportcenter.

"It was one of the better matches we've done. We take that feeling with us on the trip to Copenhagen."

You think you can do it again?
"Brøndby is big favorites in the Oresund League, and we really need to fight hard if we are to have a chance, but we hope to come home with the feeling that all the training we have done has paid off. This week we took away our strength training, and instead brought in an aerobics class. We feel it's a fun exercise, and we need to have some fun and do something else sometimes."

Either way, Brøndby will be a great challenger before the important league match against Sollentuna.

"We get a chance to evaluate ourselves against a higher pace and learn to see where we are in terms of overall development."

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