Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Sick GVK had no chance

Gislaved has a tough entry to the match.
It was made even tougher on the court.

EVS - GVK, 3-0 (25-15, 25-16, 25-16).
Ten players were listed as doubtful for the game.

Four of them came after all the games with outside hitter Ester de Vries taking over as libero as Sofie B├Ąck and Jessica Lakatos were at home with illnesses.

However, setter Meghan Sherman continued to play with disease in the body.

"Had I had any other option, Meghan would not have played. She is not healthy right now," says coach Daniel Magnusson.

But there were no other choices. Defending champions Engelholm, along with Sports Prize Nominated Isabelle Haak, became overpowering.

"I've I'm being picky, then I'm not happy, but overall I am satisfied that we even were able to put together a team that can play," says Magnusson.

There was some stuff that Magnusson was not happy with. Among other things, that the girls did not get through Engelholm's blocks, which took twelve points, along with a weak service game from GVK.

"The serve is one area that no matter what, we should be able to challenge our opponent. There is a game, you against the ball. Which can be tougher."

The home team was superior, and the scores speak loudly, in which two sets were won by nine balls, and one set by ten points.

"Engelholm is way too good today. And then they used quite a lot of players. But we talked a lot about that we will take with us the warrior heart. The girls are frustrated and I understand that. But it gets a little lighter fluid before the Svedala match on Saturday."

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